Saturday, August 4, 2012


After making the Breast Cancer patient and CHD family plaques, I felt that this plaque should be made available to others with chronic conditions. I hope these will be a measure of encouragement and strength. Below is a list of medical Awareness diagnoses and the colors that represent them. My "Peace Through the Journey" prayer will be the standard writing used on all of these unless you request a different writing of mine you'd like used in its place.

Listing of available awareness plaques and colors:

1. Breast Cancer (light pink or hot pink)
2. Congenital Heart Defect ( ½ blue; ½ red)
3. Autism (blocks of a variety of colors to symbolize a jigsaw puzzle)
4. Leukemia, Kidney Cancer (orange)
5. Bladder/Liver Cancer (yellow)
6. Stroke/Heart Disease (red)
7. Organ Donation/Transplants (green)
8. Colon Cancer (blue)
9. Alzheimer’s, Cancer Survivor, Crohn’s, Lupus, Epilepsy (purple)
10. Diabetes, Bone Cancer (white)
11. Melanoma, Sleep Disorders (black)
12. Lymphoma, MD (lime green)
13. PTSD, Tourette’s, GYN Cancers, Substance Abuse (teal)
14. Addiction recoveries (turquois)
15. Brain Aneurysm, Childhood rare or undiagnosed conditions (maroon/burgundy)
16. Eating Disorders (periwinkle)
17. Spinal Cord Disorders (cream)
18. Childhood Cancer (gold)
19. Children with Physical or Learning Disabilities (silver)
20. Traumatic Brain Injury (yellow/black)

(Scroll down to see the breast cancer and CHD plaque to read the prayer)
**Contact me by email at if you'd like to order one of these plaques or if you have any questions or special requests.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Peace Through the Journey for CHD and other illnesses...

While at the Sweet Corn Festival this past weekend as a vendor, we soon realized what God was doing. He was providing us a mission trip 30 miles from home.These words were from Him, through me, for others. There were many smiles and happy reasons why folks would stop, read, and sometimes buy to keep. There were also many challenging situations that caused folks to stop, read...and sometimes weep. They were in need, and their stories touched my heart in ways I will not soon forget. And I cannot make others feel what we felt that day. That was simply God's gift to us in that moment. It was, in fact, Church. Believers sharing together, laughing together, sometimes crying together, encouraging one another and giving praise to the One and Only. New friends in Christ were made.

These plaques aren't for everyone. That was apparent by the many who briefly cast a glance our direction and kept walking. That's Ok. God knows who needs them. My prayer has always been, "Lord, bring the people that need these prayers, these words, this hope, this comfort, this peace, this smile that can only come from YOU."

It never ceases to amaze me about the power of prayer. I had one family that stopped by and read Peace Through the Journey. That was my festival special for the day. The pink breast cancer patient plaques. After some discussion I offered to make this in a different color if they wanted me to. As it turned out, a year old little boy in the family was currently hospitalized with Congenital Heart Disease. The colors for CHD are red and blue. So, we agreed to make them a plaque that was half blue, half red with Peace Through the Journey on it. I am honored. I am humbled. And I am thanking God for the opportunity to share a word of comfort to this family...

We had the opportunity to share this same prayer plaque with another family whose baby girl was struggling from issues related to being born several weeks prematurely. And another opportunity arose to share it with a family whose little boy is fighting Leukemia...

I am still reliving these moments. This is my mission field at present. I thank God for it and I'm looking forward to the next opportunity! I will be sitting at a booth with the KY Connections group selling the breast cancer plaques at our town's twilight festival next weekend...praying for the ones who need this word of hope.


*For a full listing of available plaques and contact/ordering info, see May 2012 post or simply scroll down this page.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Breast Cancer Plaques: Peace through the Journey

I recently sold some wall plaques to our local hospital's gift shop manager. She asked me if I could write something for breast cancer patients as she works with Kentucky Connections, a resource agency for these women. She offered to let me bring several to her booth to sell at our town's Twilight Festival in the following month. I wrote the prayer, "Peace through the Journey" and put it on the pink plaques that represent breast cancer awareness.
In the midst of making these plaques I had an abnormal mammogram. I am still waiting on results of further testing and I can tell you that while my strength comes from the Lord and as much as I know He is in control, I still need prayers and support. I can only imagine the journey these women must face. Also during the development of these plaques a dear friend of ours had surgery for breast cancer. She was my first recipient of a plaque. Her response to these words validated my prayer for these plaques to touch women's hearts and offer them a source of strength to endure the battle...

(Click on the picture to enlarge.)

"Peace through the Journey" plaques are available in the 5x5 size as shown for $7.00 each (plus KY sales tax for individuals/no tax for resellers).. plus shipping if mailed.

7x7 plaques are $10.00 each. Both sizes come ready to hang. Also work well on easels.

Contact me at or see a complete listing of plaques on my "ordering/contact info" post from May 2012 for additional information. (Or just keep scrolling down the page...)

*Praising God that my tests came back "probable cyst." Recheck 6 months. My heart is with the ones who weren't so fortunate as I...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bereavement Blessings

I have had an opportunity to make some bereavement plaques for BelAir Florist in Versailles, KY. The following are examples of the 7x7 plaques. Poems for these plaques:

Because We Love You
Grief's Prayer
Strength for Today
Sweet Memories
A Prayer for You

I can also include "In Memory of..." to personalize these plaques if desired.

The following are examples of the 5x5 plaques. Poems available for this size include both religious and sweet sentiment plaques for mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, sister, brother, friend. (At present I am working on poems for husband, wife, son, daughter as well.)

Wholesale cost for these plaques: $10 for 7x7; $7 for 5x5 plus shipping and KY sales tax. (KY re-sellers that provide their exempt forms will not be charged sales tax.)

*Plaques can be made in colors of choice.

New! "In Memory" sets: 2 5x5 plaques. Set includes one "in memory" poem plaque and one photo plaque. $14/set plus shipping.

Ordering/Contact Info: email me at or see "pricing/ordering/contact info" post from May 2012.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Pet Sets

The following are examples of our Pet Sets.Complete 2-plaque set comes with the Dog or Cat Lover's Prayer plaque and photo plaque of your pet. Send me 2-3 matte finish copies of your pet's photos for the photo plaque. I will use one that best fits the size of the plaque. You choose the color of paint used for the plaque. (See ordering and contact post for more details.)

$14/set plus KY state sales tax if applicable/shipping.

Click on the photos and they will enlarge so you can read the text easier.

**A Jockey or Horseman's Prayer plaque is also available to make with a photo plaque.


**To order contact me at More information (and a complete list of available plaques) can be found under my "contact/order info" post from May 2012.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Crafting Process...

1. I buy my plaques in various sizes...

2. I choose the color of paint I want for a particular prayer poem and apply two to three coats on front and back...

3. I print prayer on cardstock of choice according to plaque size, and cut using a template I've created for each size...

4. I then adhere the cardstock to the plaque using a quality craft adhesive...and apply 2 coats over the cardstock to seal it...

5. I then apply a coat of durable clear gloss crafting varnish to the front and back, and place an alligator hook on the back so that it comes ready to hang. (Or plaques can be displayed on a stand alone easel.)

Each plaque is individually hand crafted in this fashion. Contact me if you have a special request. (See ordering/contact info post.)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pricing/Ordering/Contact Info

Simple Prayers Wall Plaques are individually hand crafted in Versailles, KY and are available in three sizes.

*Small plaques are 4x4 square or 3x5 rectangle one stanza prayer poems. Price per plaque: $4.00 wholesale. Plus shipping.

*Medium plaques are 5x5 two stanza prayer poems. Price per plaque: $7.00 wholesale. Plus shipping.

*Large plaques are 7x7 two or three stanza prayer poems. Price per plaque: $10.00 wholesale. Plus shipping.

Individuals ordering plaques in KY will be charged state sales tax. Re-sellers ordering plaques please supply me with your re-seller's form so no taxes will be charged. No taxes charged to individuals outside the state of KY. Will deliver orders to re-sellers in KY when possible.

Each plaque is primarily made of solid pine wood that I paint with various colors of acrylic craft paints. Most plaques are square or rectangular. (It depends on what stock is available to me to use.) Most colors available per request. Plaques made upon order ie: color/poem desired. An alligator hook on back makes plaques ready to give as gifts or hang on wall. Small and medium plaques also do well on easel stands. These plaques make an ideal birthday, Christmas or other special occasion gift item.

Standard prayer poems are printed on white or cream cardstock and a decoupage technique is used to apply prayer poem to plaque, using a polyurethane finish. Colored card stock of choice available for additional 50 cents.

Prayer Poems currently available :
Small: Dad's Prayer; General prayers for Peace, Strength, Provision (stanzas from poem "Simple Prayers" - see post May 2012)

Medium: Teacher, Mother, Sister, Brother, Friend, Soldier, Doctor, Nurse, Pastor, Chaplain, Grandparent, Bride/Groom, Horseman, Jockey, Hiker, Fisherman, Dog Lover, Cat Lover, Bereavement prayers/poems (religious and sweet sentiments), Breast Cancer "Peace through the Journey"

Large: Family, Fireman, Policeman, Single Mother plus all medium size prayers listed above.

BRIDE/GROOM GIFT SET: 2 large plaques with prayers for each a bride and groom. $20/set 7x7. Standard black/cream. Other colors upon request.

THREE SMALL PRAYER PLAQUE GIFT SET: Three 4x4 plaques with prayers on peace, strength, provision. $10/set. Same color all three plaques.

PET SETS: 2 plaque sets in the 5x5 medium size plaques, comes with one Dog/Cat Lover's Prayer or Horseman's Prayer plaque and one custom ordered photo plaque of your pet. You provide the 4x6 photos (2-3 copies of matte finish photos) and choose the color of your plaques from black, expresso brown, brick red or cream. $14/set

UK WILDCAT PRAYER PLAQUE: This whimsical prayer speaks to the heart of every UK WILDCAT FAN! 7x7 See prices above

You may contact me through this blog for custom ordering, or you may email me at with questions or orders.

Thank you in advance,
Lucy Cain